March 2012

MWB Wins Tactical 5 Man UWL Masters

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MWB played Black Karma for the UWL Masters Tactical Championship. It was an amazing match with. Karma came out strong early putting some bodies in the box. Muddy hung tough till the rebreak and with both teams back up to 5 strong it started to look like the match was going to be a draw. A couple of players dropped on both teams making it a 3 on 3.

VIGILANTE wins Open Division UWL Masters

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The final game was a rematch of a great game in the prelims that the Raiders walked away with the win. The first period started with Vigilante in kind of a bad spot after the CP raiders Scout made a great move on the Vigilante right wire. Late in the second period when it looked like CP was going to continue holding some key positions going into the third period. Then Christopher Martin made a great move bunkering one and causing a kill on the right wire. That was the opening Vigilante needed. CP lost the home base flag quickly after that.

The Poynter Brothers

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The Poynter brothers have been a huge part of the UWL for many years now. I can truly say they have been a force to be reckoned with on the field. Off the field they have done a great job marketing themselves, the team and woodsball tournaments. I think they are doing a fantastic job at being competitive woodsball ambassadors. We got the chance to talk to the two of them in the off season and get their thoughts on the UWL and woodsball.

You guys have done well getting sponsors to help you playing in the UWL Can you give us a list of your current sponsors.