February 2016


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They competed in the largest five-player event in UWL history. The location was Cancun, Mexico, with teams from all over the world (Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chili, California, New York and more) in attendance. This was an extremely well-run event. In the finals it was team VIGILANTE versus Defensores who are the current Mexico champions. In the end, they were able to take the win and bring the first Cancun International Cup back to the U.S. with an undefeated record.

Congratulation Champions!!!

Master Blasters: They Just Get Better With Age

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They are loud, a little crazy and not afraid to tell you what they really think. I have been playing agains these guys for most of my life and once you get past the loudness and the NY talk they are some of the nicesest guys playing paintball today. I have played with and refed them and they are absoultly hillarious to play with and watch play. Always talking smack to each other for real or imagined flaws but they stick together like glue when they need to. They have a real team first program and are always wanting to do what is best for the team and not just for themselves.