March 2016

Dirtbags interview

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The Dirtbags have been a top UWL team for the past two years. Dirtbag players like Roland Puckett are always in the top of the UWL individual stats and ranking. That in itself is an accomplishment, but what makes it truly amazing is the guns they use. The team is made up of mostly pumps and 3 mechanical markers. The Dirtbags play the Tactical Division in the UWL but often beat teams in higher Divisions. I have watched the Dirtbags play many times and love watching them move around the field.

Interview with one of the UWL's Top Scouts. Dave Cilio

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One of the top players playing in the UWL is Dave Cilio of the Master Blasters. I personally love watching Dave play. He is an exciting player to watch. He brings a certain artistry to the Scout position. In Chicago at the during the Pro games Dave would just dismantle teams, Helping his team the Master Blasters in Winning the UWL 10 man Pro Series 2013. We tracked Dave down and asked him some questions:

Beaver Town makes the move up to Open

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Beaver Town is the one of the newest Open teams in the UWL. They played great last year in Tactical winning the Tactical division at the UWL UT. In 2014 they made the big move in to the Open Division. I am very excited for this team. I have watched them grow and learn to be a  real threat to any team they play against. We wanted to hear from Beavertown and see what they thought of the move.

Congrats Waiakill Alfa. Winners of the first UWL Ecuador event of the season

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We are just at this time of year, where the smell of mud, sweat and fresh paint mix to kick off the new UWL ECUADOR 2014 SEASON.

Dragons Paintball Team, SONS OF ANARCHY , WAIAKILL Alfa , WAIAKILL Bravo, WAIAKILL Charlie , and ROJO TACTICALTEAM all showed up to see who would prevail. The event was held in the city of Playas- Villamil, about an hour from Guayaquil precisely on "The hill of the dead" The field is dry and hot!

Ethan Cole. Top UWL Player after 1st Round

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Ethen Cole is currently one of the top ranked players in the UWL. Ethan is based out of the UK and recently was awarded Best Young Player by UK Scenario National Paintball Awards . He is the son of famous baller, Simon Cole. We got a chance to talk to Ethan and this is what he had to say:

How long have you been playing paintball? I have been playing paintball for around 3 years now.

What first got you into paintball? I got into paintball through my dad as he's in the industry.

Chicago Underground takes First Place at UWL TN

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Congrats to UWL TN 10 Man Open Winners Chicago Underground. They beat the early tournament favorite Master Blasters in a great game. The first period was a blood bath with both teams sending Scouts to the bottom flag. Neither Scout could make the pull and a gun battle ensued won by Underground. Underground's Scout then pulled the flag and with more bodies then the two remaining Master Blaster, their players couldn't stop Underground and the wire was blown! A couple minutes later after a valiant defense by Nicky Cuba, the Master Blasters home Flag was taken.