March 2016

UWL Panama 2015 Season Opener

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UWL Panama Kicked of their Season Opener at Brazo Hills field in the Province of Colon. 12 teams came to compete up from just 8 teams a year ago.

Games started on time. The teams fought hard battles over two days to answer the question of who was the best of Panama. Would the Chiggers Alpha keep their unbeaten reord for a second stright year or would a new team take the top spot?

Interview with FTF

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In 2014 FTF won the Tactical 5 Man title and won 5 new LV1 Eclipse HDE Camo markers. They have been playing the UWL since the beginning and have grown into one of the top teams of the UWL. They have always played with class and have won the respect of the teams and refs. We asked them some questions about their history and experiences with the UWL.

Can you give a brief history of FTF and how it found itself playing UWL?

Aftershock Back in the Woods

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Aftershock is one of the oldest teams in Pro Paintball. They started winning paintball in the woods and are now again back in the woods winning more. My first chance to play against aftershock players was the 1989 Masters. It was against the Lords of Discipline before they merged with Scream to become Aftershock. This was Bad Company's first game in a national tournament. We had won many local events and thought how different could this be. They beat us in 35 seconds!