Beaver Town

Beaver Town is the one of the newest Open teams in the UWL. They played great last year in Tactical winning the Tactical division at the UWL UT. In 2014 they made the big move in to the Open Division. I am very excited for this team. I have watched them grow and learn to be a  real threat to any team they play against. We wanted to hear from Beavertown and see what they thought of the move.


Where are you guys based what is your home field? We’re based out of Albuquerque, NM and we play at an a field called Beaver Town. We also hone our skills at a speedball field called Hinkle Family Fun Center (an SC Village field).


Do you have any sponsors? We’re sponsored by Empire Paintball, JT and Hinkle Family Fun Center and are currently looking for more sponsors!


How do you guys feel about going your move to Open? During the offseason we definitely considered making the jump to the UWL Open Division for the 2014 season, but due to some roster changes, we initially hesitated. We’re all glad Tom Cole asked us to step up a Division for SC and as a team agreed we could meet the challenge. We learned a lot playing the veteran teams like GBD, Desert Edge and NBK and the competition was tough, but we’re already grinding it out at practice and looking forward to our next UWL in the Open Division.


What do you like about the UWL? Top-notch competition and superior level of play make UWL not only exciting and fast-paced, but also extremely enjoyable. Oh, and let’s not forget about the camaraderie amongst teams and players. The fields are big, the player positions are awesome, the points system is great and there’s a lot of paint flying. It’s a complete throwback to paintball’s roots--with 10 man teams, flags and of course, woodsball!Any advice to teams thinking of playing a UWL?


If you’re thinking of playing UWL, stop thinking about it and go out there and do it. We’ve had no regrets and playing UWL has made us all better paintballers.


If you were going to give a team one piece of advice about winning a UWL game what would it be? You need a guy named Marz on your team. Just kidding, but it would help. Communication, communication, communication. Oh, and a badass Heavy Gunner!


What is the next UWL you will be playing.  We will be heading to Dallas for the UWL April 5-6