Dirtbags interview

The Dirtbags have been a top UWL team for the past two years. Dirtbag players like Roland Puckett are always in the top of the UWL individual stats and ranking. That in itself is an accomplishment, but what makes it truly amazing is the guns they use. The team is made up of mostly pumps and 3 mechanical markers. The Dirtbags play the Tactical Division in the UWL but often beat teams in higher Divisions. I have watched the Dirtbags play many times and love watching them move around the field. They play super aggressive making quick work of any team that tries to sit back and use firepower alone to stop them. The core group is based in Sacramento, but they have members in the Bay area and Socal as well. They split time at CEP, Davis Paintball and Action Paintball Games.
We had a just to ask the Dirtbags some questions:
What Sponsors do the Dirtbags have? 

CC Paintball and OCD Paintball. We are not officially sponsored by CCM but we stand by their products.

How do you win at the UWL vs Electro markers?

We win with pumps because it requires stealth, accuracy and team work.

What do you think of the UWL?

The UWL brings us back to our roots, but in a competitive format. Every Dirtbag player started paintball in the woods with the majority coming from Infinite Edge (no longer in operation)

Do you have any advice for a new UWL team?

Our advice for a team wanting to try the UWL is understand the field layout, point system and talk to some of the experienced teams for strategy. Have your strategy in place before the break and have fillers available if a key position is eliminated.