Congrats to UWL TN 10 Man Open Winners Chicago Underground. They beat the early tournament favorite Master Blasters in a great game. The first period was a blood bath with both teams sending Scouts to the bottom flag. Neither Scout could make the pull and a gun battle ensued won by Underground. Underground's Scout then pulled the flag and with more bodies then the two remaining Master Blaster, their players couldn't stop Underground and the wire was blown! A couple minutes later after a valiant defense by Nicky Cuba, the Master Blasters home Flag was taken. The next two periods were all about Underground trying to hold on to the lead as Master Blasters tried to break through. It was a great game and fun to watch! A shout out to Rob Navas (Master Blaster Captain) who played great all weekend. He is a player that any UWL team could use two of. He played like a general keeping his players going where they needed and make plays and bunkering when needed. Chicago Underground looked solid all weekend but stepped it up another notch for the final game.