Congrats Waiakill Alfa. Winners of the first UWL Ecuador event of the season

We are just at this time of year, where the smell of mud, sweat and fresh paint mix to kick off the new UWL ECUADOR 2014 SEASON.

Dragons Paintball Team, SONS OF ANARCHY , WAIAKILL Alfa , WAIAKILL Bravo, WAIAKILL Charlie , and ROJO TACTICALTEAM all showed up to see who would prevail. The event was held in the city of Playas- Villamil, about an hour from Guayaquil precisely on "The hill of the dead" The field is dry and hot!

The day one matches went well and unleashing a lot of adrenalin! The event had some small details to improve but the event never lost its way. All of the teams strived to create a more intelligent strategy as they gained  knowledge of the field and how it played.

Players and Promoters awoke to a surprise on day two. The rain in the night had turned the field to a muddy mess. After a quick meeting all the teams agreed to play in the mud. The games were very hard and teams had to completely change strategies that may have worked on day one since the weather changed the field completely.

The final game was Waiakill Alfa vs Dragon Paintball Team. Waiakill Alfa  won a hard fought game and takes the first place in the podium.

Congratulations to all the teams and players who participated in this past event. Thanks to all that make this league better .