Interview with one of the UWL's Top Scouts. Dave Cilio

One of the top players playing in the UWL is Dave Cilio of the Master Blasters. I personally love watching Dave play. He is an exciting player to watch. He brings a certain artistry to the Scout position. In Chicago at the during the Pro games Dave would just dismantle teams, Helping his team the Master Blasters in Winning the UWL 10 man Pro Series 2013. We tracked Dave down and asked him some questions:

Where are you from and where do you play? I live in Basking Ridge, NJ and my home field is PSI (Paintball Sports International) in Plattekill, NY. Jerry Braun has really helped us out and allowed free reign to practice.

Who are your Sponsors? I Love my sponsor Zodiac. Their ZR-1 performed awesome for me. Shoots straight, flat and can really reach out and touch someone. Love their innovative pack design also. The pod release straps are fast and easy. Valken provided us with great paint this last season. Shot straight, didn't break in my marker and it was just the right shell to cut through the brush and yet break on our opponents.

What do you like about the UWL? What don't I like about the UWL . I love tournament Woodsball, it's so multi-dimensional. Woodsball tournament involves the tight personal paintball skills of speedball, combined with the a very diverse tactics skill set. Playing the position of "Scout" is incredible... releasing 10 seconds before the rest of the team, going one on one against the fastest guy on the opposing side. Sprinting, head on a swivel, trying to locate him while at the same time doing the job that you are supposed to do, calling out his position, taking him out, eliminating/stopping the guys who will be coming behind... it's such a rush.

Any advice to teams thinking of playing a UWL? Have a balanced team... a team made up of some real old school Woodsball tournament players and younger speedball guys who are good in the woods. Almost all the teams that I've played for, that have been successful, have this mix. Master Blaster's, CP Raider's, Henchmen and GBD. Although GBD was mostly original.

If you were going to give a team one piece of advice about winning a UWL game what would it be? Play as a team, 10 man UWL is not an individual sport.