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Played event solo

California State Championship

Won California State Championship

US National Champion

Won The United Sates Championship

Best Dressed

Won bests dressed at event


Played on more then one team in a season


Won a Championship


Was on the winning side of game

Base Raider

Captured Enemy Base

Michigan State Champion

Won Michigan State Championship

Pennsylvania State Champion

Won Pennsylvania State Championship

Brazil National Champion

Won The Brazilian National Championship

Propaganda Minister

Shared a UWL Post

Utah State Champion

Won Utah State Championship

Veteran January Point Leader

January Veteran Point Leader

Adult January Point Leader

January Adult Point Leader

Flag Raider X 25

Capture 25 Flags

Malaysian National Champion

Won the Malaysian National Championship

State Tamaulipas Champion

Won Tamaulipas State Championship

World Champion

Won The World Championship


Signed up at UWL

Bring a kid

Player brought a kid to play first time

Texas State Championship

Won Texas State Championship

UK National Champion

Won The United Kingdom Championship


Played as General


Uses a mag-fed marker


Was a captain of team

Mech Warrior

Plays with mechanical marker

Most Valuable Player

Won Most Valuable Player

Illinois State Championship

Won Illinois State Championship

Georgia State Champion

Won Georgia State Championship

Canadian National Champion

Won The Canadian National Championship

Keyboard Warrior

Posted from the Event

Grizzled Vetern

Played 12 events a year

Young Adult January Point Leader

January Young Adult Point Leader

Panamanian National Champion

Wom the Panama National Championship

Flag Raider X 10

Capture 10 Flags

Australian National Champion

Won the Australia National Championship

Mexico City Champion

Won Mexico City Championship

European Champion

Won The European Championship

Bring a friend

Bring a new player to play

Maryland State Championship

Won Maryland State Championship

South American Champion

Won the South American Championship


Played as a medic

International Merc

Played in more then one country


Won Sportsmanship at event

Flag Raider

Captured a flag

Most Valuable Team

Won Most Valuable Team

New York State Champion

Won New York State Championship

Oklahoma State Champion

Won Oklahoma State Championship

Mexico National Champion

Won The Mexico National Championship


Started First Game of the Event on Time

UWL Referee

Referred an Event

Youth January Point Leader

January Youth Point Leader

German National Champion

Wom the German National Championship

Flag Raider X 5

Capture 5 Flags

Yucatan State Champion Copy

Won Yucatan State Championship

Ontario Province Champion

Won Ontario Province Championship


Uploaded picture from event

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