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Do you play paintball scenario and big games and are confused by complicated missions and scoring? Wish you could track your and your teams progress and achievements.


The Ultimate Warriors League has a format for you.

Let us take Dan. He signs up to play one of our events with his team Desert Edge. They are put on the Red Army and they will be playing against the Blue Army. Both red and blue armies are made up of other teams and individual players. 

Dan will receive a map with objectives and the points for each objective.

















Dan captures an objective (flag). 


Dan gets 100 personal points for his personal rankings.


Desert Edge gets 100 team points because Dan is on Desert Edge


All of Dan's Teammates on Desert Edge also get 50 personal points because they are on Dan's team.


The Red Army gets 100 army points because Dan in on the Red army

Every player and team in the Red army get 10 points because their side got the objective.

Teams and players will also win awards and badges for certain accomplishments like sportsmanship and MVP awards See Badges


Players and teams from all over the world will be ranked in the UWL Rankings site.

Each team and player will have profile.  Teams will be able to recruit new players and players can find a team.

Sample map.jpg
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